Battery care


The batteries are your fuel so therefore need looking after. People often ask how often should I replace my batteries? There is no definitive time, it depends on so many factors, charging routine, quality of batteries and usage to name a few. 

It is advisable to use a good quality battery, we are all looking for bargains and trying to save some money so we search the net and often get drawn in by a cheap price. With batteries you really get what you pay for, it’s better to invest in a good brand such as MK and STRIDENT there are others I just choose to use Strident and MK as I find they work well and last. 

When you have new batteries fitted it can take 10 - 20 charging cycles to reach its optimum performance, a cycle is basically a use then charge. It is advisable to charge batteries after each use no matter how far you go. Some say ‘charge overnight’ that can be a bit unclear as it differs for all so charge it for at least 10 -12 hours once a week. 

If possible store portable scooter batteries indoors when it’s cold, even if you are not using them charge once a week. If you cannot keep your batteries out of the cold use an old duvet or blanket to put over where the batteries are, usually under the seat to help keep the cold out. Again charge at least once a week for 10 - 12 Hours if you are not using it.

I usually test batteries and listen to the customer as you know your product and how it usually works.

Choice of battery, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), GEL, AGM? Some will say GEL are best, yes they are in some situations but not all. A reputable company will talk to you and work out the best option for you. I genuinely care about my customers so I take the time to find out what’s best for them. It Is advisable to replace both batteries at the same time. Strident batteries have a 12 month warranty and should one fail you will get both replaced. 

NEVER USE A CAR OR MOTORCYCLE BATTERY CHARGER TO CHARGE YOUR MOBILITY AIDS! Using the wrong charger can cause batteries to burst, swell or explode.

Common myths: ‘Should I run the batteries completely flat’ No! This is not needed and running them too flat can have a negative impact on them.

‘Do they have a memory’ No, gone are the days when you got a memory effect on batteries. 

‘Can I over charge my batteries’ No, not if you use the correct charger. The modern Chargers will work out the state of the batteries and charge accordingly, when fully charged it will go into a trickle charge.

‘When the light goes green on the charger I should turn the charger off’. It’s  best to leave the charger on for a couple of hours after the light on the charger goes green.