Mobility scooter repairs in and around Eastbourne

Prices start from

New tyre fitted from £30, it is advisable to fit a new inner tube when fitting a new tyre. Before fitting I always check the rims for rust or any other problems. Please note that the price will vary depending on the size of your wheels. Price quoted is for a 3.00 - 4 tyre.

Batteries fitted from £50 a pair includes the price of two 12Ah batteries. Price will depend on the battery size. All batteries have a 12 month warranty.

I went to a new customer recently and repaired a broken tiller, he told me that his wife had said he should go to the local mobility shop as they have been around longer. Firstly they would have charged him at least £150, I charged him £40. Secondly the company she suggested recently asked me if I would work for them, I declined. I have worked for a large local company so you get the same person,  but cheaper and better service. The customer is so pleased with what I did for him at such a great price! It is so easy for people to go to a name they know, how many times do you hear Martin Lewis on the TV saying things like 'switch your energy supplier, swith your broadband provider'. Now maybe it is time to switch the company that looks after your mobility products. A lady gave me double what I quoted her, it was a simple job that took me 10 minutes, most companies minimum £45 call out, it cost her less than half that.  We all work hard for our money so why give it away? Shop around for the best deal! I promise not to match any genuine quote, I will lower it by 10% . I am not knocking every mobility scooter company as there are many that offer a great service.