Used Scooters


You may see scooters advertised in The Friday Ad, Gumtree, eBay or Facebook a bit cheaper than mine and the reason is I give a six month mechanical warranty and a 12 month warranty on batteries. You may save £20 buying it privately but you are buying ‘sold as seen’. What happens when 2 weeks after you buy it the scooter breaks down? You can try to go back to the person you purchased it from but will they sort it out? No. Batteries will set you back at least £45 fitted, a transaxle around £150 - 250. Buying from a reputable company such as Active Days Mobility Services you are covered if this happens. You get great aftercare and peace of mind that if something did go wrong it’s not going to cost you to repair it. Buying privately from Gumtree, The Friday Ad or eBay you will get no warranty or aftercare so that few pounds you may save initially could cost you a lot more if something goes wrong. All the large companies charge at least £45 just to look at a mobility aid. I don’t! No fix, no fee and you only pay for my time.